“Adults Can Get Into Marriages of Their Choice”, Says SC ….. BUT WE ALREADY KNOW THAT !!!

“Adults can get into marriages of their choice and no panchayat, khap, individual, society can question them”
“Attack on couples by Khap panchayats are illegal”
These are some of the declarations made by the Supreme Court today.
But hey !!!! We already knew that.
We know we live in a country where we are given some basic rights by the Constitution of the country.
We know it is illegal for others to infringe upon these Constitutional rights of the common citizens by use of force.
We know it is illegal for a bunch of goons to start beating up a Hindu woman and a Muslim guy because they want to get married.
We know it is illegal for a family to kill their daughter for marrying a guy from lower caste to protect their “Family’s Honor”
What we dont know, is why is all this still happening, if it is illegal?
We dont know, why is the Government not acting against these miscreants?
We dont know, why are the Police standing as mute spectators when the people are beaten up in the front of their eyes?
We dont know, why there are FIRs registered against “unidentified people” when there is video footage available of the hooligans?
We dont know, why there are no arrests of these Goondas?
We dont know, why the NIA is being used to investigate marriages of consenting Adults?
We dont know, why all this is happening despite it being illegal?
And honestly, I dont think the Nation Wants to Know this either.
Because the Nation is quite busy chest thumping to fake achievements declared by UNESCO and outraging over Bollywood movie controversies.
I am not sure when the Nation would want to know this either. Will you guys wait till you are the target of these mobs? Or do you plan to raise your voice …… EVER??
Disclaimer: One day they will barge into your house, break open your door, beat up you and your family …. and there will be no one left to raise a voice for you. ACT NOW to save others, if you want someone to ACT to save you later.

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