Hey Girls !!! Why Do You Force Us Men to Rape You??

Dear Girls,
What’s wrong with you?
In the last 5 days, 6 of you girls had to be raped !!!
Are you stupid or something?
Why do you wear short skirts?……oh you didn’t?
Accha why do you wear lipstick?……oh you don’t wear that too?
Okay then you must have left your hair open or maybe your duppata might have slipped off your shoulder for that brief moment of one second.
But don’t you know that, that one second is enough for us guys to get uncontrollable urges to have sex with you?
Well honestly, we guys don’t even wait for the duppata to slip, it can be anything that can be a turn on for us.
Your bra strap showing over your shoulder, your walk, your ankles, your toenails, your eyes, your neck, your navel…… I can go on and on but I am worried I might get aroused while writing this and galti se kissi Ka rape na  kar dun.
But it’s all your fault. Especially of those six girls. Who told them to go out and get raped?
Infact who told you to go out at all. Stay indoors.
Why do you have to go out and tempt us guys? First you invite us to rape you and then when we kindly oblige you cry foul…..STAY INDOORS!!
Not that it will stop us guys.  We can always break into your homes and rape you, but at least if you have a strong door, we will be so tired breaking the door, we won’t have too much energy left.
So we might just quickly rape you rather than take the time and the pleasure in invading your body with its iron rods and other such handy things. That is so energy consuming, you know?
You girls are so selfish, you only think about yourself. You cry about being raped without thinking about how much effort we have to go through to rape you, on your invitation, ofcourse.
And it’s not like we rape you only for sexual pleasure, sometimes we rape you just to show you your real place in the world. Beneath Us Guys!!
Anyways, I hope you learn something from this post and change your ways……warna tum ho, hum hain aur rape to hote hi rahega……
Yours Uncontrollably,
Sadak Chap Rapist Waiting For Next Target
Disclaimer: Indian Men seem to have misunderstood the “Beti Bachao” campaign. They think it means the Beti of India should be running around everywhere shouting “BACHAO BACHAO”

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