India’s Jobless Growth and The Two States of My Mind

India has always witnessed crony capitalism ever since it was formed.
Corporates have thrived even in the past irrespective of what the Government has done.
However, in the last three and a half years of Modi Sarkar, India has witnessed a totally lopsided case of Crony Capitalism.
Almost every policy of the Government has been aimed at “Corporatization” of the Indian economy.
By and large, India had a huge unorganized sector operating in many fields of revenue generation, may it be farming or retail or even manufacturing.
The unorganized sector was almost as big, if not bigger, than the organized corporate sector.
The policies made by the Modi Government in the last three years have been specifically targeting this unorganized sector ensuring their demise and handing that business into the hands of the Corporates.
Whether it was demonetization or GST or the way farmer problems have been addressed or even beef ban for that matter, each and every move has destroyed the thriving unorganized sector.
This can be clearly understood if one starts asking questions like,
“If Beef has been banned, how has the beef export of India increased? Was the beef ban actually aimed at increasing the revenues for the beef exporters?”
“If demonetization was supposed to help get rid of corruption and improve the living standards for the common man, how come the rich people who were supposed to suffer are buying new high end cars even now while the middle class who was supposed to benefit is still struggling to make their car loan payments?”
“If GST was supposed to benefit the common man and bring the prices down, how come those in the business of selling goods have started showing way higher profits and how come the middle/poor class still finds the simple necessities of life like a gas cylinder, unaffordable?”
No, I am not going to give you the answers to these question. I would like you to ask these questions to yourself, see if they have any substance in them and then accept or reject what I have am saying, based on your own evaluation. The time for spoon feeding is gone. The time for realization has come…..if you want to survive.
Over the past three years, I have found that the Corporate business houses comprising of the Midscale to Large businesses have gained tremendously. You can check out the past three years profit declarations of any of the big companies in India and confirm for yourself.
At the same time, the small entreprenuers have been getting the short end of the stick, struggling to make their ends meet.
It is but an eventuality where these small entrepreneurs shut down and the business that they were doing goes into the hands of the larger Corporates.
Eg: Farmers will lose their fields and these fields will go into the hands of the Corporates, who will then start the concept of “Corporate Farming” using high end mechanization, which means the Farmer who once owned his land will now be driving a tractor on the same land as an Employee of the Corporate, who will be packaging these goods and sending them to their own retail chains.
Moroever, the interest rates have been brought down. While the middle class is cheering that their houseloans have come down, what one doesnt realise is that lowering of interest rates also means the reduction of Capex cost. This actually encourages automation for labor intensive workloads, which means less people employed and more robots in their place (to put it crudely).
Is this good for the businesses and the economy …. yes sure it is. Is this good for those laborers??? You tell me……
Being a businessman, whose aim is to increase the profitability of his organization and the networth of his shareholders, this has been a cause of cheer for me.
But being an Industrialist, whose aim is to create job opportunities and livelihood for more and more people to bring them up the social chain, this has been a cause of great concern to me.
In the end the Businessman inside me will win over the Industrialist, though. And when that happens, the only people who will lose are the ones who are job-seekers.
I will probably buy yet another new car, then tsk tsk at the poverty around me without so much as opening the window of the car to smell the stink in the air.

Meanwhile the common man can always be kept busy with rhetoric of Patriotism, Nationalism. I hope the slogans of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” go a long way in curbing your hunger and your ambitions

Disclaimer: Read this post carefully to understand what is happening. If you are happy with what is happening, good for you. If you are not happy with whats happening, remember this the next time someone tells you to do something because “Siachen mein humare jawan khade hain”…. you are not doing it for the Nation, you are doing it for the Corporates.

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