Love Letter To Modi Ji …. Happy Valentine’s Day

My Dear Valentine Modi Ji,

It was on 14th February 2014 when I first saw and heard you while speaking in Surat.

I didnt know much about you before that, only knew that you were going to bring in a Metro in Ahmedabad since 2010 in the dry State of Gujarat, where alcohol was available freely.

But your words charmed me and your oratory skills floored me.

That was the day when I fell in love with you…..and why not, it was a Valentine’s day after all. You became my Valentine….. because Modi Ji …. I love you.

Dreamy eyed, I walked to the voting booth a few months later in May and voted some unknown character in my area whom I had never seen before and never seen till now, only because you told me to.

It has been four years since then since I have given you my Tann-Mann-Dhann …. no, literally.

You took away my Tann by making stand in the lines of ATM only because “Siachen mein humare jawaan bhi to khade hain”….. While you went to Pakistan and enjoyed Biryani with Nawaz Sharif.

You took away my Dhann by demonetizing the old notes and made me beg for my own money because the banks werent ready to give it back to me on time……..while you went to Japan and made fun of me when I had a wedding in my house but no money to spend on it.

You took away my Mann because I couldnt think of anything else but how am I going to afford to spend for clothes for my family in Diwali …… while you kept changing your jackets 3 times in a day.

Why, I even gave you those 50 days when you asked for “Pacchas Din Dedo…. Pachas Din Dedo”….. Those 50 days never ended…

After taking away my Tann-Mann-Dhann….. what did I get in return?? Only your Mann Ki Baat? And that too without listening to what my Mann Ki Baat was?

But I grin and bore all this….. you know why? Only because you were my Valentine and I love you.

I laughed when you laughed … I cried when you cried ….. okay sometimes you cried and I didnt cry, because you keep crying all the time and sometimes I dont know why you are crying…. but still.

I knew that when I was getting into this relationship called love, I would be getting screwed …. but I didnt expect you, Modi Ji, to screw me so bad and so quickly.

You didnt even waste any time …. whatever happened to taking it slow?? !!!

But love is not a one sided relationship. Its not a relationship in which only I give, give and give and you take, take and take. You have to give something too.

No, its not like I want those Rs. 15 lacs you promised. I know it was a Jhumla as Amit Bhai said. And I dont want those “Ache Din” either, I am guessing even that was a jhumla. But the least I can expect from you is to give me my peace of mind back.

Yes, that peace of mind, which has been shattered by the constant communal fights under your watch. The peace of mind which is lost because of your party members making regular hatemongering statements. And the peace of mind which shrinks into a corner, afraid to come out of it, whenever you pick up the mic and ask the people if they want a “Mandir or a Masjid”….. can I atleast have that back?

Or was your love for me fake, all the time?

I am inclined to believe that.

When two people are in love, they think only of each other and talk only about each other.

But while I do that, you on the other hand talk only about Congress and Nehru. Even in the Parliament you keep talking about Congress this, Nehru that, Gandhi Family Blah Blah Blah….You never talk about me … Why is that?

Do you love Congress, Nehru and the Gandhi Family more than you love me?

Dont you love me Modi Ji?

Today, on our fourth anniversary of Valentines Day, I request you to please return my love which I had entrusted in you so carefully.

I know you will try to woo me again on the next Valentine’s Day too……. but I am not sure if I will fall for your charms again….

You have already broken my heart … please dont break my soul too….

Yours Tearfully,
Ex-Modi Lover Waiting For Ache Din

Disclaimer: This letter goes out to all those broken hearted people who thought they had found their Valentine, but watched her/him walk away with someone else in the garden behind the bushes….

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