Salman Khan —– The Soft Target…. Really?

With the conviction of Salman Khan there have been so many people speaking in support of the jailed Superstar. The reasons that they have given actually tickles me to no end and infact I am amazed that they can actually come up with such reasons.
Superstar is a Soft Target: This is one of the most widely used reason. Oh yes, I agree. Superstars are indeed soft targets. But so are Black Bucks. Infact they are softer targets than any Superstar can ever be. It only needs a bullet to give them an instantaneous death and it does not take them 20 years, with a team of high paid lawyers protecting them, to meet their conclusive end. Salman Khan has not been convicted for being a Superstar, he has been convicted for Shooting and Killing a Black Buck.
The Humanitarian Bureau: One of the logics being peddled about is Salman and his Being Human angle. Yes, he has done a lot of chairty and yes he has done a lot of humanitarian work, but that does not change the fact that he has shot and killed a black buck. Tomorrow if Dawood Ibrahim does a lot of community service and starts a charity for the downtrodden, should his crimes be forgiven? A crime is a crime is a crime and one needs to pay for it.
The Whataboutery: “It was only a Deer, Murderers and Rioters are not arrested”. This is one of the most insane theories which is going around. Yes, it was a deer and yes murderers and rioters still free, however that does not mean that all other crimes should go unpunished. It is also important to note that Salman has been punished according to the extent of punishment which is prescribed for the crime he has committed. He is not being sent to the gallows. So unless you want to say that till the time the Murderers and Rioters are arrested all other Criminals should be let off the hook, the only value this theory holds is the Value of Whataboutery.
The Victim Card of Convenience: This is perhaps the funniest theory of the lot. Salman Khan has been convicted because he is a Muslim. Yeah Right !!! This same Salman Khan got away scot free when he ran a land rover over the pavement dwellers. Was he not a Muslim then? Or was it a pro-Muslim judge? Do these people who play such a victim card actually pause to THINK FOR ONE MOMENT before they open their mouths?
Its All About Politics: This is perhaps the most plausible theory. The Bishnoi community is quite a votebank and the Rajasthan Elections are right round the corner. So its quite possible that the conviction might be because of this political angle. However, this does not undermine the fact that Salman Khan actually did kill the Deer. It would be unfortunate that this is the reason why a case which was running for 20 years was judged at this particular time, but other than that, there is no reason to claim that the conviction should not have happened. The Crime Existed…..The Conviction Followed.
Bhaijaan Pe Easy Jao: And finally there is that section who want the Courts to go easy on Salman Khan. They use any of the justifications listed above and proclaim that 5 years is too much and just a fine would have been enough. Well well, a Black Buck is an endangered specie listed under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife 1972. Salman has been punished for 5 years as per the prescribed format in the IPC (3 to 6 years for this particular crime). The judgement, if anything is just and fair. And dont worry, he wont have to mortgage his Galaxy Apartments house to pay the fine of Rs. 10,000 which has been slapped on him.
And I wonder why these people are so concerned about Salman Khan. Either he will be out on bail before we know it as he spends another 20 years appealing the conviction in the Higher courts or he would go ahead and make a movie while still in Jail, call it “Tiger Andhar Hain” and make another 200 Crores in one weekend, which is much more than any of his fan club defenders would be making in their entire life.
So cut the crap and stop defending a Crime and a Criminal.
If you guys continue to defend a Crime and Criminals just because you are their fans, dont blame the others when they defend other criminals and crimes of people of whom they are fans. Your thought process is not defined by whether you wear a Half-Chaddi or not, it is defined by what you support and what you dont.
Disclaimer: Salman Khan fans might find my post annoying but so be it. I love Salman’s antics on screen and never miss his movies, however horrid they might be. But I am able to differentiate between the on-screen Salman, who is a Hero and the off-screen Salman, who is a convicted criminal.

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