#NotInMyName and the Systematic Attempts to Derail it….

The #NotInMyName protest garnered support all across India since yesterday, so much so that it rattled the BJP IT Cell members to go into an offensive in a strategically planned attempt to derail the process. The Social Media teams from BJP were seen in full action, trying to discredit these protests using various angles and…

Bholu Bhakt wants to END TV

Bholu Bhakt: This bloody Anti National NDTV gave telecasts during the Pathankot attacks… Wo bhi LIVE 😠 Me: But so did most other channels… Bholu Bhakt: But they gave out details of the attack 😠😠 Me: But those details were already out in Public Domain in various newspapers even before they were aired on TV….

Is Questioning the Army akin to being an Anti-National??

“We should not question the Indian Army and anyone who doubts the Integrity of the Army is an Anti-National”   This seems to be narrative, that the current Government is trying to peddle, to the masses, these days.   We have a Defense Minister who speaks about “Teaching a Lesson to those who ask questions”….