Smriti Irani’s Best Performance Ever :)

Smriti Irani has been dominating the news for the last two days. Apparently, she is trying very hard to push forward a defence for the HRD Ministry. However, her defence falls flat on many levels. All she has managed to resort to, in those 40 minutes, is deliver a well rehearsed and well dramatised speech….

Kele Pe Kachra With Ms. Smriti Irani

And on Today’s Show we bring you a Tough one on one session of our Inebriated Interviewer with none other than our Hon. HRD Minister Smriti Irani !!!!!! (Taaliyaan)   II: Maam Firstly Congratulations on being the HRD Minister of India. SI: Thank You. I like Education.   II: Maam, but your own Education Qualifications…