Indian Women Should Stop Wearing Jeans !!!!

Women and Jeans….or rather Women in Jeans have always irked the Indian Male. Many Indian Men have commented on Women wearing Jeans. Whether it is an MP like Satyapal Singh who thinks Women shouldnt wear jeans because no one will marry them. Or Yesudas, the singer (love his songs btw) saying that Women shouldnt trouble…

Just Another Day………..

The young girl looked at her legs which RaamSamujh seemed to be eyeing and pulled down her short skirt a bit in a feeble attempt to cover them up.

Sharad Yadav and the Dusky Women of India

“How Come Your Skin is Whiter Than Mine” So Sharad Yadav of JDU has apparently gone ahead and upset Smriti Irani. The JDU chief has made some remark about how majority of Indian women are “Dark Skinned” and how the Indians are obsessed with “White Skin”. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong in…

10 Laws that India Desperately Needs Against RAPE !!

With the amount of Rapes going on in India we definitely need some stricter laws to be enforced in our country. Here are the laws that I propose should be introduced in India to, if not prevent, atleast minimize the number of rape cases happening here. 1. There should be a Dress Code for women….

Right To Orgasm … Demand the Women in India!!

I read, in a popular daily, that the Women of India are now, demanding the Right To Orgasm. Oh yes you heard it right!!! Haven’t we come a loooong way from the Women demanding the Right to Education? Or the Right to having a separate Bogey in local trains for them?? Way to Go Women!!…