Bholu Bhakt wants to END TV

Bholu Bhakt: This bloody Anti National NDTV gave telecasts during the Pathankot attacks… Wo bhi LIVE 😠 Me: But so did most other channels… Bholu Bhakt: But they gave out details of the attack 😠😠 Me: But those details were already out in Public Domain in various newspapers even before they were aired on TV….

India Demands to Shut Down NDTV !!

Breaking News: Barkha Dutt earns the much coveted position of being the First Indian in 2016 to be sent to Pakistan. At the same time there have been suggestions that Ravish Kumar should change his name to Maulana Ravish Kumar. The online onslaught of the Bhakts on NDTV has come in after Barkha Dutt did a…