WARNING: WOMEN …. DON’T READ THIS POST !!   FOR MEN ONLY (On Woman’s Day):   On this Woman’s Day lets all take a pledge to give Equality to Women.   Lets make an effort to give the Women their Rights.   Lets give them the Right to Freedom, Freedom to live their life the…

“Happy Woman’s Day”, He said…..

She sat on the floor on her haunches, her back to the wall, her eyes looking out of the window. Her hands grabbing her saree around herself, more for comfort than for covering herself up. She had been sitting there throughout the night, waiting for the sun to rise, waiting for another day to start….

I Am An Indian Woman …. And MY Safety is MY Responsibility…

I went out with my girlfriends to party on the crowded streets of a Metropolitan city, they came out in large numbers and molested us…… But my safety is my responsibility so… The next time I went to a discotheque, it was enclosed and had bouncers, they came into the place and beat us up…

Just Another Day………..

The young girl looked at her legs which RaamSamujh seemed to be eyeing and pulled down her short skirt a bit in a feeble attempt to cover them up.

10 Laws that India Desperately Needs Against RAPE !!

With the amount of Rapes going on in India we definitely need some stricter laws to be enforced in our country. Here are the laws that I propose should be introduced in India to, if not prevent, atleast minimize the number of rape cases happening here. 1. There should be a Dress Code for women….