The Ravan is Dead … Long Live The Ravan!

He stood there with his hands on his hips staring at the thick crowd in the front of him watching the spectacular performance unfold on the large stage, as he puffed on his “bidi“.

This was an yearly event and he made sure he attended it. It was fun.

He looked at the neatly lined luxury cars in the parking lot as he walked past them…wish he could buy one someday.

He took out his house key and drew a neat long scratch on the side of a dark blue jaguar pausing to admire his art work.

He walked into the crowd, his head held high looking in disdain at all the men wearing the best of the clothes.

The fat man with a gold chain around his neck wearing a silk kurta infuriated him. He extinguished his bidi on the fat man’s kurta as he casually brushed past him.

He moved towards the group of women dressed in exquisite sarees.

He eyed the woman in the corner, from behind, his gaze wandering over her the gap in her saree  where he could see her exposed skin.

He closed in on her and groped her ample bottom, giving her a playful squeeze as he moved past her without even a glance, while she jumped and screamed in shock.

He reached the front of the crowd, watching the well respected man picking up the bow and arrow and aiming it at the gigantic effigy in the front of him.

Little squeals of laughter came from his side.

He turned around to look at this girl jumping up and down with joy, while her father held her hand tightly.

She seemed to have come straight from the school, her skirt hem riding up above her knees everytime she jumped.

“Wait till I meet you in some dark alley…. you wont be jumping with joy then”, he said to himself, his mind wandering a bit.

The arrow was shot, the effigy started burning. He turned, walking back to where he started.

He gave one last look at the girl noting down her school name written across her immature chest.

His heart roared inwardly, a roaring laugh.

He crossed the same woman he had groped a few minutes ago, he bent his elbow and grazed it against her breast, even as the crowd cheering at the falling burnt effigy.

The Evil was destroyed. The Ravan was dead.

The Ravan was still alive.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend any religion, faith or belief. And if at all you are offended by this post, do make it a point to destroy the evil in the society than troll me 🙂

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