12 Member Delegation from Haryana Ministry Goes to Fiji Islands To Tackle The Problem of Stray Cattle !!!

The Haryana Government is sending a 12 member delegation led by their State Haryana Minister Om Prakash Dhankar on a two week tour to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji !!!
Do you know why?? To talk to various people and understand how Haryana can tackle the problem of…… (wait for it)…. STRAY CATTLE.
You can almost imagine how the conversation between the Haryana Minister (HM) and the Australian Representative (AR)will go:
Australian Rep: Welcome … How are you mate?
Haryana Minister: O Teri…. aate hi mating ki baat? This was the right place to come to.
AR: So what would you like to know?
HM: Ye Gold Coast yaha se kitna dur hain?
AR: Sorry?
HM: You are welcome….
(A long silence as they stare at each other’s faces)
HM: Tell me something, what do you do with your stray cattle?
AR: We eat them.
HM: No No. I mean what about the cattle running around in the streets?
AR: That’s Street food.
HM: What !!! Dont you have Gau Rakshak Dal in Australia?
AR: Whats that?? No, we have Fosters, for beer !! Goes nicely with a well done beefsteak.
HM: Shiv Shiv…. You should have a Gau Rakshak Dal immediately.
AR: What is a Goo Rassak Daal?
HM: Its a squad to protect the Cows from wrongful or illegal slaughter.
AR: Oh we have a Ministry to take care of that !
HM: We have a Ministry too….
AR: Our Ministry actually works.
(A Long silence again)
AR: Anything else?
HM: Which is the best beach to go to on Fiji Islands?
AR: To see stray Cows?
HM: No No, to see the sea.
AR: They have many great beaches, so thats pretty much a moot point
HM: You mean a “Moo point” like a Cow’s opinion? I am glad you give the opinion of the cow so much importance, just like in India…..
AR: WTF ! Bye Mate..
HM: Oh! Buy karna padega? State Guests dont get to mate for free??…. 😀
Disclaimer: For those who think that this visit will be an utter waste of money should know that Fiji Islands offers the best education in Cattle Rearing and tackling the stray cow problem. If you spend a weekend on any of the Fiji beaches surrounded by the clear blue sea, the shiny golden sand and the hot bikini babes, you wont even remember that Cows exist… and what doesnt exist is not a problem anymore.

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  1. Haha! Cattle roaming the streets- street food!


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