Lord Rama is being Sued in a Court in Bihar….Next on Line is Krrissh??

A practicing Lawyer has gone ahead and filed a case again Lord Rama in a court in Bihar !!
Yup the same Rama of the Ramayana fame who took an Army of Monkeys with him, threw floating stones in the sea, walked across to Sri Lanka and kicked ass of the Ten headed Demon King, Ravan (not to be confused with Ra One, that a different kind of a Demon).
The case has been filed in the court citing a non-cognizable offence committed by Rama towards his wife Sita.
Yup, the same Sita, who sprang out of the Earth. Not to be confused with Karan Arjun (Dharti Ka Seena Cheer Ke Aayenge… Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge).

So apparently Rama exiled Sita with no thoughts given to her plight and for no fault of hers and was sent to the Jungle to live with the Animals, and this sheds a bad light on the Treatment to Women.

I guess, the Monkeys who had helped Rama were also forbidden from helping her out too. Or perhaps it was a different jungle this time.
While this case in itself is a funny thing, what is even funny is that the Court has actually accepted to hear the case !!!
Seriously?? So Courts will now be hearing cases where delusional lawyers are going to be filing cases on Mythological Characters, for their wrong doings, alleged in Vedic texts, with no documented evidence.
I wonder what the Lawyer is going to use as evidence?? Amar Chitra Katha? Or Ramanand Sagar’s Serial??

And what happens if the Judge actually gives the verdict of guilty against Rama?


Is there some way they are going to track down Lord Rama and arrest him?

And what next? Start suing all Superheroes left right and center?
We cant really sue Superman, for wearing his shiny red underwear over his pants and outraging the modesty of women by Indecent Exposure, coz his actions come under the jurisdiction of New York and not New Bombay.
But we can definitely sue Krrissh for spending more time in Singapore running behind his Girlfriend, rather than focussing on his own Country and being a Patriot.
After all he is an Indian Superhero, he is well within our grasp.
All said and done, it appears that the Indian Courts sure have a lot of spare time on their hands to hear cases on Fictitious Characters.

The real cases of Rape, Murder, Corruption can all take a back seat while we figure out what Rama did or didnt do with his Wife, if he did at all exist, 1000s of years ago.

After all, when our Government thinks that a Rama Mandir is more important than a Hospital or a University, why should the Courts stay behind?
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend Lord Rama, Superman or Krrissh (I cant take pangas with Superheroes). Ra One, you are most welcome to get offended. You offended me for 3 hours, consider this as a payback.

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