Ghayal Once Again ….. A Movie Review

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Ghayal Once Again tries to bring about moments of nostalgia by getting back Ajay Mehra of the “Balwant Rai Ke Kutton” fame.
And it succeeds, but only to an extent.
The movie starts off with a background check of Ghayal, with Sunny Deol coming back from Jail coping with his psychological problems and what not.

The first half is quite enjoyable too and very racy. You tend to go and buy those expensive popcorn and coke to watch the rest of what appears to be a very edge of the seat thriller.

However, the second half tends to drag.
While movie has all the regular Maar Dhadh action of Sunny Deol, it lacks the Intelligence in its plot that Ghayal had, making it into just another “Sunny Gone Wild” movie (not to be confused with Sunny Leone’s movie with the same name).
It basically has a One Man Army running amock on the streets and flying helicopters in the skies of Mumbai, kicking ass of baddies controlled by a Ambani type Super Rich Businessman and his Spoilt Son who looks a lot like what Himmesh Reshammiya, twenty years ago, equally irritating though.
Oh yes, they have used the Ambani Mansion as his house too.
There is not much Music to talk about, with one lousy song in the movie and a background score which fluctuates between the original Ghayal score and a 2 year old playing a random drum.

The finale is boring and stretched way too much. I guess, they wanted to keep the viewers in the hall till they finish their popcorn and coke which they might have bought in the Intermission with high expectations.

Worth mentioning are the Four Kids who have done a fantastic job. Its nice to see the Youngsters act really well and convincingly.
There are a lot of “Kuch Bhi” moments in the movie, but with Sunny Deol in the movie, thats kind of a given.
There are some funny scenes in the Movie, too. Especially when Sunny Deol tries to cry or act or has Digital nightmares in Full HD, for free.
All said and done, what could have been a very promising movie has been reduced a rather mediocre Slugfest leaving you feeling Ghayal….One Again.

The only reason you might want to watch this movie in the cinema halls is if you are a Sunny Deol fan and like to watch him beat up people.

Disclaimer: No Handpumps were uprooted during the making of this movie. #DRF promises to set up one Handpump around Ambani’s House for every Full bottle of Scotch that is donated to it, just in case Sunny Deol plans to visit there again.

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  1. Shubham Shivta says:

    Awesome. 😀

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