Kapoor & Sons ….. A Movie Review


Watching Kapoor & Sons is like taking a scenic boat ride off a calm river, enjoying the beauty of the ride and getting yourself engrossed in the loveliness around you, forgetting the world for a moment.
Without wasting any time, the movie takes you into the house of Kapoor Dadaji played by a well made up Rishi Kapoor who, as usual, does a fabulous job.
The story is a casual family drama that takes you through the ups and downs of the Kapoor family with just the occasional well meant bump to keep you entertained.
Its a pleasure watching Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak on the screen after a long time.
Rajat as usual charms us with his calm unruffled attitude, while Ratna picks up from where she left with the stoic cheeky Sarabhai Mom.
Siddharth Malhotra plays the dashing Arjun Kapoor much better than Arjun Kapoor (the real one) would have played it, with Alia Bhatt putting in her chirpy self for the much needed chutzpah in the movie.
But its Fawad Khan who steals the show with his performance. He is what he definitely wasn’t in Khoobsurat and adds a finesse to his performance which makes you want to see more of him.
What I particularly liked about the movie was the handling of the Gay angle.
It was done with such subtlety that one wouldn’t feel even a little bit of discomfort while watching it with the family.
Sajid and Farah Khan should take lesson from this movie on how to handle a Gay angle without any sort of stereotyping or adding any sort of stupid gay humor (??)
The Director Shakun Batra, has taken a rather mundane script and has managed to turn it into what would perhaps be one the best entertainers of this year.
Ofcourse, this movie is only for those people who like a scenic boat ride over calm waters.
Those who like the usual wham-bam-thank-you-Rohit-Shetty stuff should satisfy themselves by staying home and watching Times Now News Hour.
Disclaimer: Humble requests to send hefty donations to #DRF this time round. Your last round of donations couldnt even bring in half the price of the ticket of Tera Suroor. And I am not going to watch it with my own money !!!

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