Ki & Ka ……. A Movie Review


Take the routine plot of a movie like Abhimaan. A successful man, a housewife, the housewife becomes famous, the man becomes jealous, they patch up at the end.
And now switch the roles. The man becomes the woman and the woman steps into the shoes of the man. Viola !!! that makes the story of Ki & Ka.
While the idea is novel and the plot is slightly different, the delivery of the movie is rather mundane.

The movie is a light hearted affair which at times gets pretty boring, especially since the subject at hand isnt really worth a full 2+ hour story, which tends to make the movie drag at times.

Arjun Kapoor looks like a poor man’s Abhishek Bachchan, which is not really a good thing, but has tried to fit into the role of a House Husband without being feminine about it.
Kareena Kapoor did a pretty okay job at passing off as the “Man of the House” with her bratty act. And no, her looking like Randhir Kapoor has nothing to do with this 😛

Over all the performances were quite okay but what was missing was the chemistry between the lead pair. Somehow I felt, they didnt manage to light the screen on fire despite the numerous intimate moments.

A few of the better moments in the movie are provided by Rajit Kapoor who plays Arjun’s dad and a fantastic cameo by Jaya and Amitabh Bahaduri *cheeky grin*

To sum it up, the movie is quite average.

I wish they had done this movie in a different manner, but it appears that the Social message which they attempted to give through the movie is lost in the frivolity.
Disclaimer: #DRF has gone drier than the wells of Maharashtra now. Beer ….. Beer …… Its too hot for scotch 😛

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