Pakistan’s ISI JIT Team Investigating the Pathankot Terrorist Attack was nothing but a Drama and a Waste of Time !!!

Your neighbor has been asking to visit your house since quite some time.

So, you finally acquiesce and invite them to your house for the first time.

You take pains and show them around the house and they move around your place with a deadpan expression.

You even offer them food and try to make them as comfortable as you can during their tour of your house.

They go back smiling and wishing you the best …..

And BAM …. the next day some other friend calls you up and tells you that your neighbor was bitching about how bad your house was, how you didnt offer them anything and how you did not treat them well.

Has this ever happened to you? I am sure most of the Ladies might have come across such a situation atleast once in your life??

So you can totally relate to the Pakistan’s JIT visit to the Pathankot attack site.

The JIT has now gone back and said what the entire attack was “Staged by India” and that they werent offered enough assistance.

Infact if the reports are to be believed, the JIT team will be submitting their investigation papers which will claim that the entire attack was a drama, which was staged by India itself, and it was basically done to malign Pakistan in International Forums.

What else did you guys expect?? I mean, what was Modi hoping when he allowed the JIT to visit the terror attack site???

Pakistani Sardar Khush Hoga??? Shabaashi Dega?? Aaakh Thuuuu…

Indian Government has to get one thing very clear. Terror attacks, by and large, are an Internal Security issue. We have to tighten our security and ensure Zero leaks on our side, rather than continue to play the blame game with Pakistan.

Its a question of India’s National Security and not a question of India-Pakistan Bhai Bhai equation.

Our experience with Pakistan on bi-lateral talks have always been the same and just visiting their leaders on their Birthday and eating Biryani with them (Veg) is not going to make a difference.

Whether it is Pakistan who is sending in these Terrorists or not is a different issue altogether….. we have to ensure that, whoever is sending in these terrorists, they DO NOT ENTER our country. Thats where the focus should be.

And if that is not going to be the focus, then we might as well have many more such “Lets Play Together” games and the end result will be a slap in the face before yet another terror attack.

On the flip side, its convenient to blame Pakistan for our Internal Security failures, we can divert the anger of the common people to our next door demon neighbour, while we absolve our own Government from the responsibility of preventing such failures.

All said and done, it appears, the best we can do about these Terror attacks is call a few Pakistani ex-Army Generals on Times Now, News Hour and get our own Indian Bofors Gun, Arnab Goswami to verbally bash them over the National Media and then have a General Bakshi weep and cry over the Tube about how we Indians lack Patriotism.

Atleast that gives us a feeling of having achieved something.

Disclaimer: A pat on the back to the Indian Government for saving money by not sponsoring the Pak JIT sightseeing to Ajmer and Taj Mahal.

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