Welcome To New India…….

Welcome to #NewIndia……
Where 803 rapes, 729 murders take place in two months without any guilt
but the people are more interested in when the Ram Mandir will be built.
Where the farmers are committing suicide with no one listening to their whines.
And the people are more interested in which language, they should have on road signs.
Where women have to take someone from their family, just to go out of their homes
And people are looking forward to the next launch of Jio phones.
Where lack of infrastructural management makes every natural disaster into a huge crisis
And people are worried about whats happening between Russia and ISIS.
Where Metro sheds are built on green zones as the lands are being made barren
And some people are still busy painting the entire nation saffron.
Where everyone right from Kashmir to Kerala are standing at the point of a gun
And people are oh so concerned about what Saif Ali Khan named his son.
Where tanks are to be kept at Universities and Mantras are chanted at Border
And people are here wondering what happened to law and order.
Where their money keeps disappearing even as the Middle Class stares in helpless anger
while the Ambanis and the Adanis have PMO as their Marketing Manager.
Where panels are set up to research on urine of the Cow
And Scientists are wondering where their funding went, now.
Where Below Poverty Line citizens are being asked to rear cattle
I think as far as sensibilities go, we have already lost the battle.
It wont be long before we end up living in the New India of THEIR dream
Where people wont be able to buy milk but the Cow gets all the cream.
Disclaimer: A Country and its Government is only as good as the people living in it. Is this your idea of New India?? If Yes, then you are going on the right track. If NO, then there is still time to wake up… WAKE UP and ACT … before its too late.

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