How the BJP tried to Boycott the Odd/Even Rule in Delhi….

So, the first phase of the Odd Even Rule in Delhi came to an end and my drunk sources immediately went there to check the response.

“The Rule was a HUGE success”, claimed one over enthusiastic AAP supporter while waving a broom under the reporter’s nose. “We had a lot of fun taking pot shots at PM Modi and his entire party. Oh yes it was such great 15 days on the Social Media. I made around 1200 Tweets per day”.

Another slightly calmer AAP supporter claimed, “We are not sure if the Pollution came down or not, but surely this was one notification which was not declared null and void by the LG, so we are pretty happy about it”.

A rather gloomy Congress supporter was found sitting in the corner cribbing, “What Odd/Even nonsense this was. Even we had implemented similar rule. On Odd days we used to take cash in the office and on Even days we used to cash at home. How this has anything to do with Traffic and Pollution, I dont understand”.

My drunk sources even contacted an NRI on Facetime who said, “Oh there was hardly any difference in the Traffic or the Pollution levels and my information is 100% correct because my relatives in Gujarat told me about it while I was on Skype with them from New Jersey.”

But it was a group of Bhakts who were the most furious and the loudest.

“We were totally against the Odd/Even rule right from the start”, shouted one Bhakt in our Reporter’s ear.
“At first to ensure that this Rule Fails, we decided to use Even number cars on Odd days and Odd number cars on Even days”

“Thats true”, screamed another Bhakt, “But then we realized that, this amounted to the same thing, in any case, as the number of cars on the road would remain the same. So we decided to Boycott the Implementation completely.”

“YES”, hollered the Last Bhakt Standing, “So we totally stayed at home and didnt come on the roads at all. Hah  !!! Now thats what you call a true boycott of a Government policy. Let Arvind Kejriwal deal with that”.

My drunk sources did try to point out that this actually meant they helped the Government in its implementation but their words were lost in chants of “Kiran Bedi Zindabad”.

Ye Bhakti Nahi hain Asaan, Buss Itna Samajhiye
Ek Thuk Ka Dariya Hain, Aur Chaat Ke Jaana Hain
(And I really wanted to stick this somewhere….though its not original and a wee bit gross)

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