Why Menstruating Women are Not Allowed in certain Hindu Temples …. A Scientific Explanation !!!

This has got to break all the Laughter banks ever!!!!

If anyone has ever wondered about the reason for Women not being allowed in the Sabrimala or other Hindu Temples, we finally have the Scientific explanation for it.

A Kerala BJP RSS leader Mr. T. G. Mohandas has come up with a detailed justification for this reason and it has nothing to do with the God being a celibate losing his focus whenever Women enter the shrine …. Nah.

The reason is totally Scientific !!

T G Mohandas writes in his Facebook post that women who visit the Temples during their menstruation period will experience “unbearable leg pain, stomach ache and fall unconscious”…. ouch !!! So much for wearing Whisper Sanitary pads and jumping across stair barriers claiming “Duniya Ko Dikhana hain”.

But why?? You might ask. Well, there is a perfectly logical reason for it too.

Our Hindu Temples are build according to an “Exact Science” in the Lotus position!!

Right !!!! So it has nothing to do with Architechture, its all about Padmasana !!!

And this Lotus position generates a Very powerful Energy Field !!!!

We have all heard of Weed Energy, but Lotus Energy is definitely a New one.

Now, this energy enters the body of the devotee and flows directly into the leg without flowing into the sexual organ.

Hmmm, so its some sort direct application field that targets particularly your leg and not your Ding Dong.

Furthermore, the Men, who follow Celibacy, can tap this energy within their body.

How?? Its pretty simple. They have to convert their Pointy Sexual organ into a Round shape…. GIRLS STOP GIGGLING AND CONCENTRATE!!!!

But apparently, no such luck for the Women, because the Female sexual organs are … errr …. Round.

I suppose Mohandas considers the Breasts as the Sexual organs and not the Vagina. Unless ofcourse Mohandas has encountered a number of round Vaginas, which makes me wonder, where exactly did he find those women 😛

But the easiest explanation to this confusion might be Celibacy. No Intimate relationships with women would actually ensure that your only proximity with Sex would be ogling at a Woman’s breast and then beating yourself off behind a tree.

Now, according to the renowned Scientist, Woman’s Menstruation is a result of the Female body being Over-Earthed.

All those who have done Electrical Engineering will definitely agree with this.

Round shapes are well-earthed, Pointy shapes are not, so they are quick to attract energy. Every wondered why Lightening Rods are shaped like a Dick and not like Boobs?? You didnt think those Electrical Engineers were stupid right?

Anyways, when this overly earthed body of a Menstruating woman enters a temple her body gets excessively earthed !!!!

So from being over-earthed it becomes excessively earthed, meaning the energy flows out of the Woman’s round sexual organs and disappears in the earth leaving her unconscious on the temple floor.

This can be proved by a simple experiment.

Take a Round glass (woman’s sexual organ) and make a round hole at the bottom of it (earthing). Pour water in it at high speed (energy). If you increase the speed of the water being poured (excessively earthed) the glass will topple down (unconscious woman). Thus, proved!!!!

So basically the ban on menstruating Women has nothing to do with discrimination. Its actually a form of affection towards women.

We simply dont want your round sexual organs to be excessively earthed !!!!

And you, Women, always blame the Men !!! Shame on you !!!

Personally, I think we have found the perfect candidate to lead the 106th Indian Science Conference.

The only solution I see for this is for someone to develop a type of sanitary pads which can act as a pointy organ turned round and retain the energy flow in the women and not allow the earthing to happen.

Is anyone ready to take up that challenge?? Pathanjali Khadi Sanitary Pads anyone??

Disclaimer: I wonder at which point of time in his life did Mohandas menstruate all his brains our of his pointy sexual organ…. and most importantly …. was he properly earthed?? Damn, this is the most scientific post I have ever written 😀

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