CM Fadanvis’s wife loves Gold Chains pulled out of thin air…..???

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, has suddenly got himself into trouble.
This time because of his wife, Amruta.
Apparently, Amruta Fadanvis went and visited a Saffron clad Baba, who whipped his hand and produced a Gold Chain out of thin air !!!
He gifted this chain to Amruta, who bowed down and touched his feet to seek the blessings of this Miracle Man.
The Liberals of the country have categorically condemned this action of Amruta and have demanded that the CM issues a clarification on this issue.
They think that such actions by the CM’s wife give rise to Superstition.
And I think, as usual the Liberals and Rationalists have completely missed the point here.
They should have appreciated the efforts taken by the CM’s wife for finding solutions for improving the economy of Maharashtra state.
If they can find around 10 of these Babas, who can pull out gold chains from thin air, imagine what they can do to our State Debt problems?
Infact I think, Fadanvis should loan this Baba on the National Level and he should be made our Finance Minister, instead of Arun Jaitley.
The last time Arun Jaitley waved his hands in the air, a pigeon on the window fluttered away and pooed on the car below.
This Baba would be way better and I dont mean at shooing away pigeons.
Now, I am sure the Liberals and the Rationalists would keep cribbing that such things are not possible and its just an illusion.
But they know nothing, those fools….
If Baba’s can pull out Cancer Treatment drugs from the Gau Mutra and Nuclear Defense from Cow Dung Cakes……. pulling out gold chains from air is, pretty much, a piece of cake.
Actually the Husbands should take ideas from this incidence.
Whenever their wife asks them for a gift, they should send them to the Baba and tell them to get one from him.
The Big Question, however, remains. If Babas can pull out Gold Chains out of thin air, why do they need to donations from common people to build their Ashrams??
Can they not, simply, pull out all the funds they need from wherever they are getting the gold chains from and buy whatever they want to?
But wait, we aren’t allowed to ask questions like these, are we?
Disclaimer: All Husbands should take a look at Assaraam Bapu before sending their wives to any Baba on the Gold Chain Mission. Baba’s idea of giving a Gift, might differ from what you have in mind.

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