Jai Shree Ram, Har Har Modi …. the begining of New India has begun …

After the thumping majority of BJP in UP here are a few things that happened:
– BJP UP Vice President who was sacked because he called Mayawati a Prostitute has been quickly inducted back into the party. Apparently he is no longer a vile abuser.
– Numerous people who have been writing against BJP have started receiving abusive phone calls and death threats. In case of females the “Teri M** C***enge” gets changed to “Tu mil tujhe C***enge”
– One of the biggest Social Media trolls Shri Shri Tejinder Bagga has been crowned as the Spokesperson for Delhi BJP.
– Modi entered the Lok Sabha, today for only 2 minutes and was greeted by cries of Jai Shri Ram in the Lower House a Secular Country.
People can greet each other with a Jai Shri Raam or Hail Lord Jesus or AllahuAkhbar all they want.
But when that happens, in what is supposed to be the Temple of Secularism, which by definition, should keep religion away from state, one can be assured that the movement towards a certain transformation in the Constitution and the idea of India, as envisioned by our Forefathers, has begun.
Welcome to the beginning of New India where it won’t be long before the cries of Jai Hind will change to Jai Shri Raam, where abusers are given cushy positions in the Administration and where any dissenting voice will be stifled by death and rape threats.
Whether you like it or not, the campaign for “New India” has started…….
Disclaimer: People who think there is nothing objectionable to the cries of Jai Shri Ram in the Parliament of a Secular Nation are requested to check the meaning of “Secular” in the dictionary. Bharat Mata Ki Jai…and now Jai Shri Raam… And…..Har Har Modi (to be on the safe side)

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