BJP Outraging Over Cow Slaughter Videos While Endorsing Humans Being Beaten Up, is ironic….

So, while a near perfect protest was being executed against the latest Cow Slaughter ban by various states and as state after state, from Kerala to Karnataka to Meghalaya were rushing to join in it by having beef parties, a bunch of Congress guys decided to make a video of the Cow slaughter.
Stupid!!! Really stupid!! I wonder how the Congress manages to axe their own foot everytime when the things are actually looking up for them.
Didn’t they, for one moment think that such a crass and ugly attempt would derail their own campaign??
But that said, I wonder why the BJP guys are outraging over the crudeness of the video, so much??
The last few videos that came out from the BJP closet were:
– Couples being thrashed in Public by the Anti Romeo Squad
– Dalits stripped half naked, tied to a Car and whacked with iron rods till they bled
If I was forced to watch one of the above videos I would choose to watch the Cow slaughter one, anytime.
Its less horrific to watch Cows being slaughtered than Humans being beaten bloody and slaughtered mercilessly.
Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi, the “dumb” “Italian” “Momma’s boy”leader of the” Corrupt” “Anti-National” party has almost immediately issued a statement condemning the act of his own party members giving a clear message of distancing Congress from the incident.
However, I am still waiting for Narendra Modi, the “Brave” “Patriotic” “Chappaninchi” “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” waala “Pradhan Sevak” of the “Nationalistic” “Patriotic” “Desh Premi” party BJP, to make a statement about a single such act of his own party members right from the Akhlaq Lynching of Dadri.
Btw, the only party who must be grinning about this would be the Aam Aadmi Party.
The last video that came out of the AAP stable was of a Buffalo fainting on cue with his hands clenching and unclenching in a noteworthy Oscar winning performance.
Oops wait, sorry, that was Kapil Mishra.
Disclaimer: My humble request to all political parties to cut the crap and get back to releasing those sex videos of your leaders. Those were better than the ones you are releasing now. Varun Gandhi…Sandeep Kumar….. ND Tiwari…..are you listening????

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