Right To Orgasm … Demand the Women in India!!

I read, in a popular daily, that the Women of India are now, demanding the Right To Orgasm.

Oh yes you heard it right!!!

Haven’t we come a loooong way from the Women demanding the Right to Education?

Or the Right to having a separate Bogey in local trains for them??

Way to Go Women!!

The Women’s Rights Groups are campaigning for this demand. They have taken a Morcha out against the ‪HRD Minister demanding that “The husband should not be allowed to get out of the bed or fall asleep, till the woman confirms that she has achieved an orgasm”. The HRD minister has immediately started looking for the availability of six day courses at the Yale University, to get a degree in this stream.

Apparently, the ‪BJP‬’s ‪‎Modi‬ Government are now considering every possibility of passing an ordinance against this. After all, based on ‪RSS‬ diktats such demands made by the women are absolutely derogatory and self demeaning.

Of course, the ‪‎Congress‬ is gathering up its entire Parliamentary strength (which does not go beyond a bus load) to rally FOR this reform.

Though, they are going to put in specific efforts to ensure that the minorities of the country get this Right to the Big ‘O’. They are planning to campaign for a 27% reservations based on minorities in this. There are rumors that it might be called the “Rajiv Gandhi Alpasankhya Stree-Santosh Yojana

‪RaGa‬ however, is all for empowering women. He says “Women of India should be empowered to achieve an orgasm on a regular basis, with or without the husband and btw we got in RTI.” Now that’s Woman Empowerment

The ‪AAP‬ is of course heading the socialist front saying, “If one woman can’t achieve an orgasm, then some other women should pass hers to the less fortunate ones. If we come in power, we will arrange subsidies for the unfortunate ones”.

Don’t even ask me what those subsidies would be. I wouldn’t be able to specify them here, without getting my butt kicked by the moral police.

The ‪JD‬(U) + RJD‬ combine have sent out their guys to look up the word “Orgasm” in the dictionary. When the RJD chief was asked about this issue, all he had to say on this was “Hatt Budhbak” !!

Inspired by these women our very own Indian (?) American(?) IITian cum author ‪Chetan Bhagat‬ is writing a new book which will be named “1/4th Orgasm”

‪Arnab Goswami‬ for the first time, is not demanding any answers from the nation. He seems to have gone completely silent on this issue. Hmmmmm‪ Paid Media perhaps?

For the men, however, this has come as a total surprise. They are now hurriedly calling up their friends asking them questions like:

“Dude, whats an orgasm got to do with a woman?”

“Isn’t a woman supposed to have an orgasm after we start snoring?”

“Damn that sounds like a lot of work”

“Should we quit out jobs and work full time at home on this”

I am not sure where or how, this campaign by the women will go, but the way things usually happen in India, I am expecting a commission to be set up on this issue soon and the matter forgotten soon enough.

Disclaimer: The story is not meant to be offensive to any political party, person, organization or Women either And I sincerely wish that all women in the world get their orgasms on a regular basis (law or no law). Any resemblance to women with happy smiling faces and a spring in their walk, is purely coincidental.

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  1. SexiLeaks says:

    Hilarious!!! Great post! If you really want to help this cause the information we publish on SexiLeaks could help a lot. We were just in India for 6 months and a change in the sexual atmosphere there – of the men and women’s worlds – would go a long way in changing the country for the better, for Indians and tourists alike. India could be a huge force for change in this world but first Indians need to understand why they are stuck and, surprisingly, the mystery of the female orgasm and all it led to has a lot to do with that. http://www.Sexileaks.wordpress.com. Much love!


  2. singhanjali says:

    Had anyone really demand Right to Orgasms?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not by taking to the streets but there was an article about this in TOI in 2014


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