You Are A “Ra***” if You Raise Your Voice, Sakshi Dhoni learns it the Hard Way

“Kyon saali nangi naachegi kya beech road par, ra**i kaun si privacy chahiye tujhe, sex karte dekh liya kya tujhe kissi ne?”
“Teri M** ki Ch**”
“Bina bole bedroom mein aa gaya tha kya?”
“Privacy ki baat karti h… Jab IPL match mein chote kapde pehnti h tab privacy kahan hain?? Kaun si bed room ki foto dala hain?
“Wasnt she working in some hotel as room service”
“Cheap Tricky Bihari Bride”
This and many more comments of such kind were thrown at Sakshi Dhoni (MS Dhoni’s wife)…
And her crime??
Her crime was that she highlighted that her Aadhar card has been posted on Twitter by the very agency where she and Dhoni went for giving their biometrics and personal data.
Apparently the agency (CSCeGov) was so thrilled at having THE Mahendra Singh Dhoni come over to their Aadhar verification center that they posted his Aadhar card with all his details on Twitter !!
When Sakshi Dhoni highlighted this to BJP Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad she was verbally assaulted by the Bhakts who courteoustly enquired about her nocturnal activities while paying regards to her Mother’s nether regions.
While Ravi Shankar Prasad at first tried to get defensive about Sakshi’s tweet, realised what had happened and quickly black listed the Agency which had leaked this info.
However, this does go on to show two things … Your Aadhar details are being handled by corporate agencies and are definitely not as private as you would think they are.
And if you plan to complain about it, you will be assaulted by the Bhakt trolls who will be giving you a free entry in the world’s oldest profession.
That said, Sakshi is quite lucky that she hasnt had any death threats as yet. Others have been subjected to worse abuse.
Meanwhile BJP is busy promoting the “King of Trolls”, Bagga, as the official spokesperson of their party giving more power to these abusers.
This, my friends, is the New India, that we are moving towards and I am sure you are enjoying the move….
Disclaimer: Those who think “Invasion of Privacy” and “Being called a Randi for highlighting a fault of the Government” is not an important news … Do you know Yogi Adityanath shaves his head every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday !!! I mean …. WOW!!!

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