Jat Agitation Proves : “Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains”

The Jats have been agitating since the last few days demanding Reservations for themselves.

Their logic is quite brilliant too.

They want reservations because …. wait for it …. Everyone else has it.

So its a typical Indian mentality of “I should have it if someone else is having it and if I dont have it, no one else should”

Isnt that what made characters like Shakti Kapoor and Gulshan Grover thrive in Bollywood movies? In reel life that is….

Most of the Heroines in the movies lived under the constant fear of “Agar Tu Meri Nahi Ho Sakti to Kissi Aur ki Bhi Honey Nahi Dunga”

And the way they are demanding it (the Jats, not Shakti Kapoor) is nothing short of hooliganism.

Till now 10 people have died in this agitation and 150 have been injured.

Not to mention the tremendous destruction of property. They even destroyed and burnt an entire Hyundai Showroom. And even if I, personally, dont like Hyundai cars, that doesnt mean its not something I will condone. 😛

The end result is that the Central Government has now promised them that their demands will be met.

Wait ….. What??? Another bunch of people getting reservations??

And why?? Because they can burn things up and hold the entire state, and the neighbouring states, to ransom??

And our Oh-So-Strong-Willed-Stiff-Spine Government, who had promised to take a tough stand against any such elements is doing backflips to accomodate these demands.

I wonder why “Destruction of Public and Private property”, “Burning stuff in the middle of roads”, “Beating up People and attacking Cops” and “Logjamming an entire state” is not considered as an Anti-National activity by our Government.

Or perhaps the Government can only flex their muscles against Students, Farmers and Old Ex-Servicemen who prefer to protest peacefully, only by chanting slogans and not getting into destructive protests?

I wonder if the General Class is now going to ask for reservations too? Atleast secure a 27% reservations while you still have that option.

In any case, the message seems to be clear. If you can protest with violence your demands will be met. If you protest by slogans or committing suicides, no one is going to give a rats ass about you, infact you might as well be put in jail.

Or to put it in Jat Style “Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains”.

Disclaimer: Bhains !!! I said Bhains (Buffalo) …. Not Cow !! There are no laws against saying Bhains….

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