Orange Passports for Those Who Havent Passed 10th…..

The Modi Sarkar has come up with a new proposal for Passport holders !!!
From now on, all those people need an Emigration Check (ECR Category) will have an orange color passport.
Basically, what this means is that all Indians who have not passed their 10th Standard education will have an Orange passport.
I wonder why people are cribbing about this. I, personally, am absolutely thrilled by this.
Most of the Sanghis from the Gau Rakshak Dal and ARSEs (Anti Romeo Squad Employees) have never managed to pass their 10th std, so this would actually help identifying them.
Infact, we should take this one step further and have different color coding for different type of people.
Engineers (especially Mechanical Engg) should have a Red color passport, because trust me, after spending years of single life during college, they are quite a travel risk. 😛
All other Boys including Married Men, who become boys when they are traveling, should have Blue passports (the regular ones) and all Girls should have Pink passports. Because Boys are blue and girls are pink and its fun to stereotype, especially if you can get away with it 😛
Married women, on the other hand, should have their passports revoked, since, hey !! you dont really need a passport to enter the kitchen and thats where they belong …. right Mohan Bhagwat Uncle?
All Politicians should have pale Yellow passports, because well, thats such a shitty color.
Sambit Patra can have a special passport in olive green color with black flecks in it. Thats closer to the color of Gau Gobar, and it can have a face of Modi with “Mere Paapa” written under it, rather than the Ashoka Emblem with “Satyameva Jayate”.
Disclaimer: People who have Fake Degrees in Entire Subjects do not need a passport, they can travel on Public Exchequer’s money without having to go through immigrations.

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